Our Coffee

Our Coffee

We are proud to serve our very own house blend of coffee. We have carefully sourced it from five different origins (Colombian, Ethiopian, Indian Monsoonned Malabar, India Mysorf and Vietnam) to create the perfect tasting blend. Our coffee is available in bags of 1kg beans or 250g ground bags.

Our Flavour Profile:
Full, rich, deep body with a creamy dark chocolate and ground cocoa taste balanced with a delicate floral rose water aroma. Low acidity and sweetness compensated for by a distinctive earthy perfume with a naturally high caffeine content, perfect to kick start your day!

Coffee Beans (1kg) - £20.00

Ground Coffee (250g) - £7.50

Decaff Coffee (500g) - £9.00

If you would like to order a bag of our delicious coffee, please click here.